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Alycen grew up in a small rural town an hour south of Chicago, Illinois.  There she attended school and was a very active little girl. She played volleyball, softball, tennis, track, took gymnastics, and was a cheerleader.  But she grew out of her inner athlete by junior high and started to perform in school, college, and community plays.


Alycen attended an Irish dancing school and soon added three years of singing lessons which led to her performing competitively. She also participated in beauty pageants for several years and has accumulated many titles.


After one year of college in Illinois, Alycen decided to make the move to Los Angeles and transferred to the prestigious conservatory - The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Hollywood.  That summer she traveled to Oxford, England where she lived and studied Shakespeare for a month at the British American Drama Academy.


Now Alycen is back in the States, residing in Los Angeles, happily and optimistically living out her dream.

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