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Karin brings a special quality to the Princess Party experience as she's actually Disney Character trained!  Having worked at Walt Disney World as not only one but 39 characters, she's able to carry those experiences with her into each of her parties.


Growing up in suburbia Ohio, Karin found fairytales as her special way of imagining a world much bigger than the one she lived in.  It helped her receive a BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design, Fashion Design, etc.  Performing has always been her one true love, but art gave her the opportunity to experience multiple aspects of the entertainment industry.  Currently she is acting in two web series, just completed work on a pilot, and has even started producing.


Karin's favorite part of the Princess Party experience is encouraging children's imaginations to run wild.  She knows that no matter where a child's future lies their first goal is always sparked by a day dream.  She'd love to help make your child's dreams come true by appearing as popular new addition Frozen Princess at their parties!

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