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About  Us

Welcome to The Princess Party - the premiere children's entertainment company in Southern California.  We are proud to have helped create magical days and made dreams come true for  a decade!























Here in the entertainment capital of the world we know you have a lot of options when it comes to selecting your party provider, so let us tell you a little bit about what makes us extra special, with our 3 Ps to a Perfect Princess...


There is no fairytale we haven’t heard, song we haven’t sung, or question we can’t answer, and nothing even the most inquisitive child sends our way can throw us!  Our performers are still just as enthralled by these characters as your little ones, so as such they’re committed to embodying them to a T.  In fact, we take our authenticity so seriously that unlike other companies we don’t just throw a wig on any ole performer and call it a day…that simply wouldn’t do!  On the contrary, we take into account every one of our lovely performer's personas, complexion, hair/eye color and physique, and with a wave of our wand we discover the princess they were born to play!  Every gown, wig, and accessory is then tailored to them specifically - ensuring the utmost in quality and believability. 


We at The Princess Party believe that every child deserves to have the party of their dreams, and it shouldn’t take your own Fairy Godmother or three wishes to get it! 


We’re happy to work with you and your budget to tailor a package that will be the perfect fit.  You’ll find that compared with our competition, and especially given the quality of our costuming and performers, our low rates truly are magical.


Whether it’s playing a princess on Broadway or in regional theatre productions, working as a princess in numerous world-renowned theme parks, or appearing as a princess on popular TV shows, our performers have done it all!  Every one of us has a performing arts degree, the majority from The University of Southern California’s esteemed Theatre Program.  Helping us prepare for the spunk and sparkle we’d need as professional princesses, some of us were even lucky enough to cheer on the Trojans as world-famous USC Song Girls (Fight On!) 


As professional actors, dancers, singers, and models with an extensive list of credits in all areas of the entertainment industry, we guarantee that with us, you truly are getting the crème de la crème.

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